Blender 2.63a for Mandriva Linux 2010.2new!

The long awaited blender 2.63a version for Mandriva Linux 2010.2 is finally here.
Since this version requires a ffmpeg library newer than standard one provided in the 2010.2 distro, you need to add a media source into your urpmi media list (in this way the needed libraries will be retrieved together with the blender package). For this purpose use this command:

urpmi.addmedia Joeghi_Blender --xml-info always

or for 64bit:

urpmi.addmedia Joeghi_Blender64 --xml-info always

Now install blender 2.63a (or blender 2.60a or blender 2.61 or blender 2.62) package using urpmi blender263 or trough rpmdrake. This version can coexist installed with the blender 2.49b release from official Mandriva Linux 2010.2. Also you can install blender 2.60a, blender 2.61 and blender 2.62 and blender 2.63a at the same time. Note also that this installation requires libpython3.2 which is available into Contrib/Backports media source, so be sure the Contrib/Backports is already in your media source list before installing blender263.

Older Blender packages for Mandriva Linux 2007.1/2008.1/2009.0/2009.1, see here

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